Consult Fees

1 hour sessions - $220

In some circumstances based on financial hardship, individuals may be offered reduced rates according to a sliding scale. Please inquire directly with Ileana if this is your current situation and you require assistance.

Medicare Rebates

What is it?

As a registered psychologist, Ileana is a medicare provider able to assist people who have been granted access to the Medicare Scheme.. With a Medicare card you can seek an evaluation by your general practitioner to determine whether you can receive government subsidised treatments, and can claim a portion of the session fee.

Your eligibility for this can only be determined by your GP who will write up a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).  With a MHCP you’re able to claim Medicare rebates for up to 10 sessions per each calendar year (January to December).   

If you see a doctor often, you may have reached a Medicare Safety Net threshold. Once you reach the relevant threshold, the Medicare Safety Net may provide a higher Medicare benefit for all eligible services (including psychological services), making your out of pocket expenses much less for the rest of the calendar year.   Couples and families need to register for the Safety Net. You can find out more about the Medicare Safety Net by calling Medicare on 132 011. At the end of a session, you will need to pay for the session fee upfront and then claim back the Medicare rebate for the session. (Please note: clients need to submit claim forms to Medicare for rebates, Ileana cannot provide this).